Tabular SCR

Integrated Pillars 1-3

Within a single application (users can configure the inputs and outputs for all 3 pillars to be within a single workbook or split across multiple workbooks).

A combined Pillar 1 and 3 input mode eg  input your investments information in a single table and this single table will populate all the relevant SCR calculations – market, counterparty default etc. – and the investment QRTs – S(E).06.02.

Source data level validations eg Best Estimate cash flow inputs are checked for consistency (internal and against other datasets such as TPs) to highlight data issues BEFORE QRT validations are run.

All SCR modules and sub-modules included (fully automated market risk concentration risk sub-module and partially automated SCR CAT risk calculations).

Risk Margin calculated (with options to select the method from EIOPA’s allowed options)

All EIOPA QRTs and validations (as mentioned, the QRTs are populated automatically from the model inputs, same inputs used to perform the SCR calculations, ensuring consistency between Pillar 1 and Pillar 3 outputs).

Local NSTs also included, including ICSS Cyprus NSTS (which can also be set to be included in the same workbook, with links automatically to EIOPA QRTs where data can be sourced from there)

ORSA capabilities (to follow in summer 2021) where scenario and stress testing can be performed (and results archived within Tabular system).

Governance controls around the whole system all inputs (and outputs) are locked with user access configurable. Full audit trail of all inputs and calculations performed