CBI NST Support

Solvency II Solutions announce support for the full set of Central Bank of Ireland (“CBoI”) Solvency II National Specific Templates (“NSTs”) within Tabular. The update from the CBoI on 11th March for hotfix 1.0.1 XBRL release has already been incorporated within the latest version (made available within 10 days of CBoI’s publication).

All 13 CBoI NSTs, covering quarterly, semi-annual and annual reporting periods, are now supported within Tabular. The NSTs have been included in Tabular’s in-built automatic return setup process, validation routine and XBRL generation engine. Furthermore, all CBoI guidance (“LOG”) files and NST Q&A documents are full incorporated into our regulatory hub facility, allowing users to easily bring up this guidance from within the NSTs.

Of the 13 new templates, two are mandatory from all Irish reporting entities on a quarterly basis; Quarterly Aggregate Balance Sheet Statement (NST 12) and Quarterly Aggregate Reporting of Security Holdings (NST 13). The other NST are only required by HIGH PRISM category insurers or insurers that retain variable annuity exposures. These NSTs include income statement information (quarterly and annually), non-life technical provisions and claims information on a different disaggregation to the Solvency II LoB basis (semi-annually and annually) and profit and loss attribution for variable annuity business (quarterly).

The CBoI NST XBRL Data Point Model (DPM) and Taxonomy version 1.0.0 was published by the CBoI in December 2015. The CBoI issued an update (1.0.1) on the 11th March 2016. A new data update (ie a small data file provided to clients which can be loaded into the Tabular back-end database via our “One-click upgrade” facility without the requirement for a new installation) for Tabular was made available to clients on 22nd March 2016, fully incorporating the changes included within version 1.0.1 of the XBRL taxonomy.

Solvency II Solutions clients are now fully able to comply with the upcoming CBoI XBRL UAT environment (due to be opened by the CBoI on 30 March 2016) and the live submission deadlines which follow.



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