FICOD – Financial Conglomerates Directive

Tabular has now been extended to meet the XBRL filing requirements for FICOD.

FICOD sets out a prudential regime for financial conglomerates. Large financial groups that operate in the insurance sector and banking sectors fall within the scope of FICOD.

As of 31 December 2023, the first application date for reporting, insurance companies who are part of a financial conglomerate will need meet the requirements for regulatory reporting under this directive.

FICOD DPM and XBRL taxonomy package release 2.8.1 is available to download from the EIOPA website.

The 2.8.1 release for FICOD is a standalone cross-sectoral version to be used for reporting of insurance-led conglomerates. Final version published on 31 July 2023, with a Hotfix on 6 November 2023. First reporting due in 2024.