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Tabular – Standard Formula SCR calculation (Pillar 1) model > Demo

September 29 @ 09:15 - 10:45

Solvency II Solutions

WebEx Meeting URL:  https://solvencyiisolutions.my.webex.com/solvencyiisolutions.my/j.php?MTID=m0450fff7a219367f0ec4383e11bc3198


Solvency II Solutions are excited to invite you, as an existing Tabular user, to see a demo of our new Tabular Standard Formula SCR calculations module.

This additional module is built into the existing Tabular application, allowing you to extend (or create in separate workbooks) your Tabular return workbooks to also include the SCR calculations and outputs, and get all the existing benefits of Tabular (easy return generation, extensive validations, audit controls etc.) applied to your Pillar 1 data as well.

A key and innovative new feature will be a combined P1 and P3 model – so that you no longer need to populate two separate data streams but can input all your P1 and P3 data in a combined, single schedule and have Tabular automatically populate your P1 calculations and your P3 QRTs (from the same data eg you will only need to input your investments information in a single table and this single table will populate all the relevant SCR calculations – market, counterparty default etc. – and the investment QRTs – S(E).06.02).

The demo will give an overview of the system basics:
– how to setup the returns
– how to enter data
– how to trigger the ETL to populate the P1 calculation sheets (and results) and the P3 QRTs from the input data
– how to validate the data (for quality checks within individual input sheets and between different input sheets)
– functionality for (internal or external) review of the SCR calculations (and data flows from input data through each step of the calculations)
– governance controls

There will also be time set aside for any questions and/or functionality requests. We will also be sending out a product feature questionnaire alongside the demo to allow you to provide feedback on the demo and suggest enhancements/improvements.

Information will also be provided in the demo regards roadmap for delivery (being, broadly, a beta-version available within the Tabular standard application by the end of this year, v6, to be followed by a fully supported version by summer 2021), pricing and options.


John Staines
07545 630311
Attendance: 80 / ∞

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