Solvency II SCR Calculation & XBRL Reporting Software. Comprehensive Solvency II Solution.

Our solution is Excel-based. An intuitive interface with powerful lightweight database (no servers, simple install).  Our core focus is usability, time saving features, analytics, extra and better validations & ease of installation.

We offer a FREE Trial with full support,  you can test our product alongside your existing solution.  The best value solution on the market – we convert most companies that try us and grow mainly through referals.

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The Industry’s leading Solvency II SCR Calculation & Reporting Tool

Built by people from the industry, for the industry.

Tabular’s low IT footprint allows users to rapidly deploy and implement within minutes across their organisation. Innovative, use of a server-less database provides multiple users with an enterprise-quality control structure, while continuing to operate in an excel based environment.

Governance requirements met

Fully equipped to meet the onerous new Solvency II data governance requirements, such as the need for a full audit trail, without expensive license costs.

Local source linking

Tabular enables users to directly link source files to the reporting tool – unlike cloud-based solutions.

Core Functionality

QRT templates

All EIOPA and national specific templates across the EEA.


All EIOPA, XBRL taxonomy, Local Regulator Plausability and NST specified validation, plus plenty of additional bespoke  validations created by us.


All file formats including XBRL, XML, Excel, Word and PDF (for SFCR and RSR) as required under Solvency II.

Unique and Innovative Functionality

Tabular is packed with innovative features that make the day to day business of Solvency II SCR Calculation & QRT reporting easier than it has ever been.

Unlike our peers, through our client-side experience of delivering Solvency II projects, we at SiiS have uniquely developed a suite of additions that can assist in solving the challenges that your company is bound to face during the Solvency II process.


Security Control

Grant access to those who need it, and limit it for those who don’t.

Unlike simple Excel based solutions, Tabular has an enterprise-like security module requiring system credentials for all users, allowing for example configurable control structure for each user and/or department such as controls for QRT read/write access, and schedules of authority for sign off and submission.

Full audit trail capability

Reviews and audits become easier with complete tracking of changes.

Tabular tracks every change by every user, as well as enabling user annotations, to provide a full archive for any internal or external audit or regulatory review.

Regulatory Hub

Context-sensitive reference helps you make sense of the regulatory framework.

An in-built regulatory hub providing cell by cell context sensitive EIOPA and Lloyd’s Solvency II reference material – including Directive, Delegated Acts, ITS, Guidance, EIOPA Q&A’s, Lloyd’s pillar 3 return instructions, Lloyd’s pillar 3 FAQ’s, LMIF templates etc.

Narrative Reporting

Seamless integration connects narrative report with QRTs ensuring they are always synced.

Fully configurable data connectivity with the Tabular database provides seamless integration with Microsoft Word ensuring real-time synching between quantitative and qualitative reports;

Innovative Data Import

Powerful and flexible data import; featuring extensive validations with real-time reporting, intelligent transformations and more.

Flexible, configurable import function that supports XML, Excel and CSV as well as the standard XBRL file format. In addition the tool provides extensive pre-import validations with detailed real-time reporting, custom import mapping, data transformations from source values to Solvency II compliant values, as well as connectivity to external APIs such as data vendors, or the proposed tripartite data exchange template.


Manage the Solvency II process by accurately keeping track of progress, managing contributions and dependencies, and utilising the full MS Office productivity suite.

A cutting-edge workflow engine integrating task, data and dependency management in an intuitive, interactive graphical interface with QRT and other data content. Administrators and task owners can be automatically notified of upcoming, new or missed deadlines by virtue of full integration with other Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Outlook).

Even more innovative functionality


User Annotations

Tabular enables users to annotate and customise features across the entire platform; such as validation, audit log, and regulatory hub. Add your assumptions, archive regulator communications, leave audit notes etc and configure how those annotations are available currently and rolling forward.

Benchmarking analytics

Tabular comes with pre-built and configurable dashboards for inspecting data integrity, benchmarking and trend analysis, as well as intra and inter period delta analysis.

Group consolidations

In addition to solo reporting templates, Tabular’s one-click consolidation functionality enables group reporting templates to be generated for submission.

Custom data validations

Our custom validation builder allows implementation of bespoke, user-specific validations to complement core specified validations.

Effortless IT implementation

Tabular is a Microsoft Office Add-in with a server-less database, which makes getting set up and started a simple, intuitive and rapid experience. In the rare event that an issue arises, full online and telephone support is available.

3rd party Integration

In-built API interfaces enable seamless integration with a range of 3rd parties including asset data providers, modelling and actuarial firms.

Full Integrated SCR Calculations

A standard formula SCR calculations engine, assured by leading industry consultant integrated within our platform. Fill in your data in just 1 place for both SCR & QRTs  – one source of Truth !

Lowest Cost

Enterprise functionality for your budget. Tabular provides an excel-based solution with enterprise-like functionality and customer support at the lowest cost to clients.

ISO 27001 Certified

Our systems and products are secure. We can meet all our your internal RFP requirements.

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